One Book List to Rule them All (a list of lists)

It’s year’s end, which means it’s time to roll out the video montages of dead celebrities and best of lists. This is a best of the best of lists, offering our take on the most authoritative and well-regarded book lists for 2014. lionandbird_dubuc15

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings, a blog devoted to “interestingness,” has a major following among people who like good writing and all things whimsical. Popova compiles more than one best of book list, and she’s got several genres for 2014, from Biographies to Children’s Books. In our opinion, her Best Books on Psychology, Philosophy, and How to Live Life Meaningfully is contains quite a few that we’ll be adding to our own shopping list.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews has been reviewing books since 1933 and they offer dozens of best of lists at the end of every year. But Kirkus’s stringent criteria by which books on best of lists are judged has changed very little over time, so their lists include nothing but true winners. Try their Best Fiction Books of 2014  for a handful of surprises you won’t find on any other list.

Here around Seattle, we got this really rich dude named Bill Gates, who knows a thing or two about business, technology and philanthropy. He reads a ton, and we’re struggling to keep up, but “The Best Books I Read in 2014″ should be a good start for those  passionate about learning economics and business.

Ah, Amazon. Despite all the data and customer habits they have insight to, their annual book list is curated the old fashioned way: reading. Their editorial team are avid book geeks (we know them first hand) and produced theThe Best Books of 2014 that is largely curated by humans and not by the machine-driven Sales Rank.

The New York Times

No best of the best of list is complete without at least acknowledging the grande dame of best of lists: “The 10 Best Books of 2014” A book that makes it onto this list has run a gauntlet that tested the rigor of its style, influence, subject-matter and author pedigree.

The Atlantic

The Best Book I Read this Year” is The Atlantic’s staff selections from the last year. We love this list because the selection is so diverse. As they put it the list is “new, classic, or somewhere in between—from a year of reading.”

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post’s The Best Books of 2014 stands out because of how compilers Maddie Crum and Claire Fallon seem to have built an intricate web that connects each book to the others on the list. Crum and Fallon say they “savored simply told, affecting narratives” in 2014, but that’s just one way the books on their list are similar.

Think we missed a list that should be here? Let us know how your source for great reads!