We Are Yesler

We believe that just because something is cheaper to make some place else, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it here. Even though seven out of 10 Americans watch or have participated in some athletic pursuit in the last year, less than 2% of athletic wear is made in America.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Our Mission

Whatever your pursuit, we want to outfit and inspire you with the best gear, while remaining authentic to the heritage of how our clothes are made.

In Fall 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the word out and successfully raised over 140% of our funding goal.

We’re just getting started.


We were lucky enough to check out a pre-production sample pair of shorts, and can confirm that the team at Yesler has certainly placed a major emphasis on fit and stitching to ensure both functionality and comfort.

– Cool Hunting

Our approach is simple, but it works:

We use the finest components and fabrics money can buy. Our goal is to use 100% American-made materials where available.

We’re obsessive-compulsive about every single stitch– you’ll thank us later. Our gear’s performance-based, with more than a nod to looking great.


With great materials & designs put into the hand of the best craftsman in town, you’ll get athletic wear that’s made to last, made here in the USA.

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