The Epic Origin Story of the Hoodie

Much like the heroes who fill our beloved comic book pages, even something as seemingly timeless as a hoodie has an origin story. Our clothing, whether we think about it or not, had to start somewhere.

While hoodie-style clothing obviously appears in art and literature well before the twentieth century (think the Grim Reaper) it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the original Champion hoodie first hit the market. The team over at SHOWStudio took some time to analyze the way the hoodie has evolved over the decades. Throughout the 40’s and 50’s, hoodies were originally created for performance, functionality, and warmth. No one at the time even fathomed they might one day become a fashion statement as well. Well into the 60’s you could flip through catalogues and see hoodies advertised for “sitting on the bench.” It was such an innocuous piece of clothing, nobody even thought to patent the design and varieties of the hoodie style were seen everywhere (oh to have a time machine!).

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Fall Hikes Near Seattle You Don’t Want to Miss

One of the undeniable benefits of living in the fertile and lush region of the Pacific Northwest is being within a day’s drive of some of the most breathtaking hikes in the world. While yes, we might be a little biased in this matter since Yesler calls Seattle home, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strap on your boots and go investigate for yourself. Even if you are not from around this area you should still make it a goal to travel to the upper left of the United States and explore these trails. 

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Five Awesome (And Doable!) Bike Trips in the PNW

The idea of a bicycle trips seems like the ultimate getaway – hitting the open road, winding through forests and meadows, stopping to picnic near a lake. Picturesque yes, but what about all the planning?  If you’re not an avid cyclist, preparing and planning for a bike trip might sound overwhelming – especially if biking around the city has you gasping for breath. Fear not, novice cyclists of the Northwest! This list brings you five low maintenance bike trips that you can take this weekend. None of them require much planning, though some are more strenuous than others. Pack a picnic, tune up the old bicycle, and saddle up. 

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Washington Whiskey – The Next Big Thing in Craft

Aside from heaps of kale, fresh seafood and people who wear socks with sandals, Seattle is making its mark as a craft beer destination. Brewers of micro operations proudly call Seattle home, and Washingtonians are happy to have them. What we’re hearing less about however, amid all the beer-related festivities, is the (not-so-secret) mission to put Washington State on the map as the perfect place to create world class single malt whiskey. Leading the charge towards fine whiskey fame? Westland Distillery, located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.

Yesler Journal recently caught up with Jim Stephens, a whiskey-pouring-trained-tasting-professional who told us about Westland’s whiskey, the near-perfection of Washington’s climate for whiskey making, and, the possible secret ingredients making their way into our whiskey (er, mastodon?)

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Top Ten Summer Hikes in the Northwest


The Pacific Northwest is a hiking Mecca – people who live here know that getting out to explore the great outdoors is part of our identity. Many of us northwest dwellers keep a pair of hiking boots by the door, ready to be donned at at the drop of a hat, whenever adventure may call.

With all the options available, it’s hard to know where to spend our precious summer days. That’s where this list comes in. It’s a bold statement, I realize, ‘The 10 Best Summer Hikes in the Northwest,’ but I’m comfortable with that. As a long-time Northwest resident and avid adventurer, I can tell you with confidence that these are best of the northwest’s summer offerings. They should be on your bucket list, whether you live here or not. They are iconic, or breathtaking, or both. They are not all achievable at the drop of a hat, but they are all achievable by the active, but not necessarily elite, hiker. Some might take planning for future summers, some might take planning for future weekends. Most of them are not for kids, or dogs, and none of them are particularly easy – but when you are in the PNW, it’s likely you’re not that into easy anyway. 

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