Washington Whiskey – The Next Big Thing in Craft

Aside from heaps of kale, fresh seafood and people who wear socks with sandals, Seattle is making its mark as a craft beer destination. Brewers of micro operations proudly call Seattle home, and Washingtonians are happy to have them. What we’re hearing less about however, amid all the beer-related festivities, is the (not-so-secret) mission to put Washington State on the map as the perfect place to create world class single malt whiskey. Leading the charge towards fine whiskey fame? Westland Distillery, located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.

Yesler Journal recently caught up with Jim Stephens, a whiskey-pouring-trained-tasting-professional who told us about Westland’s whiskey, the near-perfection of Washington’s climate for whiskey making, and, the possible secret ingredients making their way into our whiskey (er, mastodon?)

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Five Bourbons You Won’t Want to Miss

The search for a true craft-distilled bourbon is something like a Dan Brown novel. There are mysterious clues, false leads, plot twists and wrong turns. Your definition of craft spirits may not be a distillery’s definition. And, in fact, there is no legal definition of craft spirits, just a legal definition of bourbon. 

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