The Epic Origin Story of the Hoodie

Much like the heroes who fill our beloved comic book pages, even something as seemingly timeless as a hoodie has an origin story. Our clothing, whether we think about it or not, had to start somewhere.

While hoodie-style clothing obviously appears in art and literature well before the twentieth century (think the Grim Reaper) it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the original Champion hoodie first hit the market. The team over at SHOWStudio took some time to analyze the way the hoodie has evolved over the decades. Throughout the 40’s and 50’s, hoodies were originally created for performance, functionality, and warmth. No one at the time even fathomed they might one day become a fashion statement as well. Well into the 60’s you could flip through catalogues and see hoodies advertised for “sitting on the bench.” It was such an innocuous piece of clothing, nobody even thought to patent the design and varieties of the hoodie style were seen everywhere (oh to have a time machine!).

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