Here at the Yesler Journal, we get amped up about great rock jams. We’re excited to feature My Goodness, a blues rock trio from Seattle who we’ve been following for the last year or so.

With their guns-ablazing debut of their full-length album Shiver + Shake earlier this summer, they earned on a spot on a national tour with Augustines as well as Crash Kings beginning next year. You’ll be hearing from them more often (at least if we can help it).

We were delighted to catch their last 2014 show at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. From the first staccato riff of the guitar, My Goodness successfully ditches the tedium and soft focus now commonplace with lesser wannabe-blues outfits. While the sound will be familiar to The Black Keys/Rancontour fans, each number sustains an energy and soul reminiscent of the graininess and DNA from 70’s rock. Joel’s Schneider’s vocals and guitar is unabashedly raw and exuberant; the drums, manned by Andy Lum, is heavy and full of anthem. Their newest member and bassist, Cody Votolato (Rocky’s younger brother), seamlessly anchors the entire sound with a fantastic balance of punch and melody.

DSC_0382The set list for the night (excluding a delightful cover of Tom Petty’s You Don’t Know How it Feels) largely sported favorites from Shiver + Shake, which was produced by the late Rick Parashar (a la Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains).  End-to-end, all 13 tracks are defined by soul and deep-cutting riffs, alternating between rockers like “C’mon Doll” and a couple warm and wistful ballads that complement the album’s otherwise garage-rock motifs. You can’t go wrong setting this one on repeat.


 Learn more:
  • My Goodness is: Joel Schneider, Andy Lum, Cody Votolato
  • Get their album or listen to them on Spotify.
  • Around Seattle? Catch them at the Tractor Tavern on 2/5/15.